PDO brand that brings out the Sicilian fragrances and flavours, promoting the MADE IN ITALY all over the world.

Rosemary, orange and almond grow up and ripen to exploit the mediterranean clime. These food are used in our cosmetic line for their principal features: toning, relaxing and energizing.

The brand SABBENERICA® offers a range of products that are synthesis of QUALITY, thanks to the choise of an engaging packaging and to the continuous attention to the products quality, dermatologically tested and answering to the criterions of biosustainability and of SAVING in economic terms.

The line is completed by a large range of complementary items from bedroom sponge slippers, to shower cap, shoe mitt and vanity set rolled up in delightful roller sheet of parchment.

The features that make this line a product of quality are the attention to the very products, dermatologically tested, biosustainability, enriched with natural extracts and the cure of the packaging, able to captivate the customer creating an inviting atmosphere.

SABBENERICA® design and logo are a registered trademark by IDEA Srl

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